TBH i think you're one of the strongest, kindest individuals I've ever had the pleasure of getting to pal around with. I'm always subconsciously sending you good vibes, and I love seeing you get excited about things on my dashboard. ; w ; I am not worthy I am never worthy for the glorious beast that is you! many smooches for the DJ v 3 v

CROOZ omg you adorable sweetheart I just wanna grab you up and snuggle the fuck out of you amongotherthingscoughcough

NO BUT REALLY holy shit thank you ;w;! That means so much for you to say that, you have no idea. OH SO THAT’S WHAT THAT FEELING UP THE BACK OF MY BALLS WAS, I GOTCHA. ;B

You like seeing me get excited? WUUUH THAT’S SPECIAL. I get excited a lot, I just.. don’t share. u_u; MENACE PROVIDES MANY THINGS TO BE EXCITED ABOUT… also I get excited about fruit and new DOOM wads ALSO ALSO my baby car omg B A B Y  C A R


I LOVE YOU p.s. Cosmic is hot I want to bone plz let bone

I wish I could have cool characters and a cool fanbase like yours but my art is kinda garbage and I'm shit at finishing things anyway so I'll just daydream and pretend like I have friends (lol)

Wait, what? I have a fanbase? … I never thought of it that way before. WHAT. WHAT. I don’t even… WHAT. I guess you’re… right! That is so bizarre, I AM SO UNWORTHY. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I’m gonna just blame Menace since it is pretty much 90% their fault I share like I do. The other 10% goes to adrhaze, who got me on here in the first place. (I MISS YOU, AIDA. ;3;)

Anyway, all I can say is just keep doing whatever it is you do! Put yourself out there, share your creations, keep aspiring to better than the day before! Wishing gets you nowhere if you don’t act. You gotta take your daydreams and make them reality by force, and when it comes to art, no one can do that for you but you! You don’t have to “finish” anything. Just keep drawing without the goal of it being finished, because as long as you’re drawing, you’re practicing. “Finish” is a relative word anyway, it’s totally dependent on what your goal is for the image at hand. Maybe you want the sketchy look, which some people may find appears “unfinished.” Doesn’t mean it is! Completion is totally about how you feel, not necessarily about how something looks.

But this is just my opinion, and I am no artist, so don’t trust in me too much. >_>

Thank you, Anon!

TBH you're a HUGE inspiration. Not just your art when you are up to sharing it, or your world building- which is so many levels of awesome, I mean, the details for each character and the races and just everything! And of course the awesome shit you reblog. But, also because, between you and Menace sharing your OCs and some other artists like you- I started feeling less like I needed to hide or be ashamed of my own "monster" OCs and interests.

IT SERIOUSLY BLOWS MY MIND HOW… often…? omigosh it actually happens that much…? … ANYWAY HOW.. OFTEN I HEAR THIS. I’m SHOCKED. ALWAYS. At this point I feel like I should get over it and accept it BUT DAMN IT I JUST CAN’T DO IT. 8I Holy shit I’m inspiring? Just what. what what WHAT brain cannot comprehend.

Ugh, thank you! You definitely don’t need to be ashamed, pft pft pft. Surely you’ve seen what’s out there, yes? If people dig that, what reason do you have to be ashamed of your own babies and related interests? Share them! Indulge! No one has the right to put you down for what you like, as much as people love to think they do. Fuck ‘em. Punch ‘em in the gonads or I’ll do it for you. :B

To be honest, I wish, if it was okay with you, I could maybe get to know you better. You're a very passionate and intelligent person and I think you're super interesting! ♥

Aww, thank you! ;w; I’m always thrilled to see what you have to say and I love seeing you in my inbox! You’re a cool person and you say the most wonderful things. <3

What’s your Skype info? If you’re up for it, I can talk a little tonight! Send me an ask with it and I’ll add you right away. <3

TBH I actually followed you back in my deviantart days, and kind of looked up to you as an artist. Like, your creations were so intricate and beautiful and your style was so awesome it was something that I really admired. I was really happy when I found out that you and Menace had tumblr accounts, and I kinda freaked out when you two followed me. It's really an indescribable feeling to know that you like my stuff, so thank you so much for that.

Really? That means you’ve been around for a long time and seen all my horrible past shit NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo. … I feel like you’ve told me this before but my memory is horrible so I can’t remember for 100% certain. ANYWAY I’m really honored you’ve stuck around so long! Thank you for all these kind words buh buh I’m gonna be sobbin’ all night long. ;w;

And I really like your stuff a lot! I especially like when you draw knight things. GOD YES GETS ME PUMPED

TBH you're super adorable! I love seeing you talk about your OC's and worldbuilding. It's super inspirational! You have such neat ideas and it's just awesome to how passionate you are about your work :)

A THOUSAND BAJILLION FUCKMILLION HUGS FOR YOU ;w; THANK YOU SO MUCH BWUUADHJKHFDGjklgdfgfd I think you are a cutie and your babies are also cuties since by default cuties produce cuties I KNOW THIS IT IS SCIENCE I HAVE SCIENCED.


daggerjaw said: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH




Tbh ur a butthead

TBH I find you incredibly intelligent and I admire you! I really like you and I think you're awesome and every time we've hung out I've had a lot of fun! I wish we hung out more and I wish we were closer friends, but I recognize my own faults in that not happening. I'm so nervous and scared and I'm so sorry for that! I just want you to know it isn't for lack of you being a great person. <3 STAY AWESOME


TBH I think you are just a really beautiful, wonderful person, and if I could give all of the happiness and perfect feelings and contentment to one person in the world, it would be you. I love hanging out with you when we have and I’ve cherished those time. I don’t fault you for us not hanging out more often (and I am partially to blame for always being so busy!) because there are different types of friendships and even the casual, ever-so-often ones can be great and ours is. You’re also a huge inspiration to me creatively and I think you have one of the most unique, creative, and insightful minds I have ever come to know. I feel like I know you more and more just by seeing your creations and reading about your thoughts and ponderings. You’re wonderful and I hope you always remember that <3333

WHAT holy shit look at this amazingness Tali said to me I’M FUCKING SOBBING too sweet, too sweet

You truly are a kind, amazing person. <3 You inspire me to also be as such. Thank you for being you, Tali!

60585 by: Jarek Kubicki

60585 by: Jarek Kubicki

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One of the greatest tragedies in life is to lose your own sense of self and accept the version of you that is expected by everyone else.
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alrighty time to put this dude away



alrighty time to put this dude away